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Ray found a new freedom...not only for him, but for the Body of Christ, in general. The Lord took them from open church meetings, to house church to relational Christianity. It truly was a process. Ray and Cindy have learned so much from the way the Lord has led them. Ray continues to believe it is very important to be open to and led by the Holy Spirit.

Ray is motivated by a love for God and a love for people. Ray ministers through the Word, music, song and humor. He believes in the simplicity of the Gospel. He truly believes "IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS!"

Ray Spellbrink was born and raised in Danville, IL. He was saved at the ripe old age of 11.

Ray married Cindy Summers in June 1980 and thus they began their married lives together. Not long after their marriage they "loaded up the truck and moved to Springfield....Illinois that is...Capitol City...part time jobs" (to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies. Ha. Ha.). Ray and Cindy have both always worked full time throughout their married lives. Ray likes to say, "We've become accustomed to food, clothing and shelter."

One of Ray's passions is to help those who have been knocked down, kicked around and otherwise spiritually abused. Having been knocked down and kicked around himself, Ray knows well how to relate to those who are hurting due to these wounds. He also, knows the importance of restoration and moving on in God.

The Lord began dealing with Ray regarding open church, house church, relational church around 1999 or so. After doing some reading and comparing notes with the Word of God, the Lord led Ray to "take the church home", as he put it. He was pastoring a church and the Lord led to begin house church meetings. As Ray has been involved in house church, he has found out so much of what God intended for Christians has been stripped away in the "traditional church" or "institutional church" setting.   

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